The Need For Reform

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Following a series of reports and compliance issues in the construction industry at state, national and international levels.

One such issue is combustible cladding and its involvement in the devastating fire in London’s Grenfell Tower, various high-rise building fires in Dubai and two serious incidents in the Lacrosse and Neo 200 buildings in Melbourne. Another issue is building defects in new developments, such as those identified in the interim report for the Opal Tower.

Key reforms include:

1. Requiring building practitioners who are registered as ‘building designers’ to declare plans and performance solutions that are compliant with the Building Code of Australia, and that builders declare that they are built according to these declared plans.

2. Introducing a new registration scheme for ‘building designers’.

3. Ensuring an industry-wide duty of care is owed to subsequent homeowners.

4. Appointing a Building Commissioner to act as the consolidated regulator for building in NSW.

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