Strata Compliance

Air Conditioning - How To Go About Installing In A Strata Unit.

The Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 provides for categories of “minor renovation” works including the installation of a reverse cycle split system air conditioner, however consideration must be given to the following:

• Not all air conditioning systems will be reverse cycle split system air conditioning systems; and

• Even if an owner requests permission for a reverse cycle split system air conditioning system, the condenser unit or other components of these systems are often installed externally (usually on the balcony or external wall of the unit or near a car space or other utility area). Work that changes the external appearance of a lot does not fall within the definition of “minor renovation” works. If the condenser unit or other components of the air conditioning system are installed externally then it would generally change the external appearance of the lot and would not be minor renovation works. This also applies to other installations such as hot water systems, awnings, Austar dishes and anything that will change the appearance of common property.

To avoid ambiguity when an owner would like to request permission for an item to be installed which falls into this category, it is recommended that a Special use By-Law be approved and registered, specifically noting the items that are permitted, including location and requirements for a licensed contractor.

A special use By-law requires a general meeting and it must be included on the Agenda and accepted by a Special Resolution, being that at least 75% of owners present either by person or proxy/phone/video conference and who are financial at the meeting, are to vote in favour.